Removing Your iPhone XS Max Screen Protector

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The iPhone XS Max does not come with a screen protector. In fact, the body of the phone is protected by a silver bezel and glass surround. With the latest in advancements in technology, this is the only thing that prevents the glass touch screen from shattering.

If you choose to cover your phone with protective cases, you will need to apply an adhesive to the front glass on the backside of the phone. This is the area that is covered with the bezel and glass surround. In the event that you need to remove the cover from the front, then you can find one that will fit, but if you are going to do it yourself, you need to follow some steps.

First, you need to get the instructions. Some will not include any information, but others may have them all set out for you. It is best to find one that includes step by step instructions for removing the cover and applying a screen protector.

Next, you need to take the phone apart. Remove the antenna from the back. Screen protector iphone xs max Unscrew the three screws located on the right side of the motherboard. These are located at the bottom of the phone and will require a screwdriver to remove.

Then, you need to pull off the protective case to expose the glass. If the glass is frosted over, then you need to use the same method to remove the frosting that was used to protect the glass. Now, you can remove the screen protector that fits your phone.

Many times, you will have to carefully remove the screen protector, which will cause a small amount of scratches. It is usually best to use the same method as described above to remove the screen protector. However, if you get a new screen protector, then you will want to remove it before applying the adhesive to the screen.

Then, you need to get an adhesive and apply it to the glass. Before you apply the adhesive, you need to clean it. You can clean it with a dry cloth or you can use it as it is. After you are finished cleaning, then you can apply the adhesive to the glass.

After you have applied the adhesive, you need to place the screen protector onto the screen. To do this, you need to take the protective case and place it over the screen. Make sure the edges are facing up, but then turn it over so that you are working with the bezel and glass surround first.

Place the screen protector over the glass that is not covered with the bezel and glass surround. Next, put a bit of pressure on the bezel by using your fingers. If there is not enough room for you to put your fingers underneath, then you can make it larger with your thumb.

Put the adhesive on the right side of the glass surround, with the screen protector in between the adhesive and the cover. Use your fingers to push down on the adhesive to help it stick. Finally, place the cover over the rest of the bezel and glass surround.

Next, you need to push the cover into place so that it is touching the screen with the screen protector on top of it. As you push the cover in, you need to make sure that you do not cause any scratches. Once you have properly placed the cover, you will want to gently push the bezel and glass surround into place.

Then, you need to peel the adhesive to remove the backing that is in the area and to make it clear. After this, you can carefully put the cover back over the bezel and glass surround. At this point, you should remove the screen protector and re-apply the adhesive to the back of the iPhone XS Max.