It’s fun to work together

“Everything will be easy if done together”,
“Light is the same as being carried, heavy is the same as being carried”. That’s the saying. To increase the enthusiasm of readers in working together. It is very useful if we apply these proverbs. Both in the family environment, school, and in our community. And it’s a loss if we only make the words of the proverb just a wall decoration, without being applied to our environment.

Thus, let us apply the wise words of the proverb, so that these words can be useful for ourselves, especially for the benefit of many people or society. It turns out that if we do what the proverb says, canninghill piers eBrochure turns out to be true, therefore we should never underestimate the proverbs, because they are not arbitrary in making words or mottos for people’s lives. They make words or mottos that they have practiced in their daily lives.

Likewise, where I live, there are lots of residents who hold mutual cooperation to clean up the environment, especially in my own house. We as a family had time to do community service cleaning the house, and the surrounding environment, especially in our garden. It turned out that everything was easy and quickly finished when we did it together, we didn’t even feel like we were working together for about 2 hours, it was so much fun working together that we forgot time to rest.

But even though we were tired, the results were very satisfying and everything felt very comfortable and relieved, because if the environment is clean the scenery will be beautiful, and we are happy because we have made other people feel comfortable.

Likewise when one of my neighbors was flooded because the gutter was not wide enough, so the residents and even the head of my village participated in widening the ditch in front of the house or on the side of the highway. The flood was not only suffered by my neighbour, but the health center near his house was also flooded, so the residents worked together or worked together to widen the ditch.

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my house

The curtains are always opened when the day is a bit late or the evening has passed, the water pump is turned on until the water flows swiftly, filling the bathtub where the water is almost half full again and all the residents of the house take a bath in turns, because if the shower is too late or too late will pray at dawn. The water was cold so we showered a bit late while waiting in line, we prepared various equipment for bathing such as towels.

My house is not too big, not too small. So my house is mediocre. I live simply, although sometimes I feel the bitterness of life that I experience, but only with sincerity and patience I can experience everything and I live easily. Because with sincerity and patience I can survive and be able to solve the various problems that I experience.

My house is my first home, the house where I live every day, a place of shade for me and my family, our shelter when it rains and the heat comes. And with my home I feel protected from danger. That’s the point of having a house for us so we have to be able to take care of our house so that we feel at home, and always feel comfortable.

The house is a basic need or the most important for humans, so whatever the shape of the house we have we must be grateful for it, because the house is a gift from GOD, it doesn’t mean GOD immediately sends down the house from the sky, but GOD gives us sustenance so that we can buy a house or make it yourself by asking people who are experts in building. Likewise with me, my father was given sustenance by ALLAH through his work. He made a living for my family’s needs, so ALLAH made a way for him so that we could build a simple house.

Thus, be grateful for what we have now, because if we are always grateful to Allah, then Allah will love us even more and will also increase the fortune we have, so we must be very grateful and always strive and trust in Allah swt for the work we do. This is the description of the existence of a house. Hopefully there are benefits and hopefully we will become people who are always istiqomah to ALLAH in all things.