How to Use Coffee Scrub for Acne

How to Use Coffee Scrub for Acne

Tackling acne can be tough, and with the wealth of information available today, it choosing the right way to get rid of it can be a bit overwhelming. You may have heard about how face scrubs are good for your skin, but is using coffee scrub for acne really a good idea? Time to find out!

Face Scrubs: How they Work

Skincare today goes way beyond the traditional CTM routine, and exfoliation is one to add to the list as well. Exfoliating your skin with a good scrub is the way to go- not only does it help remove traces of dirt and grime from deep within the skin, but also removes the layer of dead skin cells on the surface, making your skin look visibly brighter, cleaner and smoother.

For acne in particular, face scrubs can work great- they can act as a deep cleansing agent which will help reduce the activity of the bacteria that cause acne, and also control oil production to a certain extent.

Coffee Scrub: Worth It?

Coffee scrubs in particular, are one of the best options to invest in, especially when it comes to skincare, and that’s for several reasons. First, coffee grounds are known to boost blood circulation, which is why, they’re often used to tackle cellulite. These grounds also help cleanse the skin and nourish it at the same time. Plus, coffee is also a powerful source of antioxidants, which also work in improving skin health in several ways.

Using faux mink lashes for acne could be a good idea, but if your acne is aggravated and there are instances of broken skin, it would be best to avoid using coffee scrubs or rather any form of face scrub and stick to a gentle face cleanser until the skin heals and repairs itself.

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Some skincare enthusiasts also bet by the ability of this scrub to lighten the appearance of acne scars, which is a good bonus.

The Bottomline

All in all, using coffee scrub for acne is a really good idea, particularly if your skin does have occasional breakouts, but nothing too aggressive. Invest in a good coffee scrub (check out the quick links below) or make one yourself!

Use These Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Nasty Acne on Forehead!

Acne on forehead- one of the worst nightmares for those who always want a clear and clean facial skin, isn’t it? Well, if you currently are facing one or simply want to prevent its breakout, check out these home remedies to get rid of them!

Lemon Juice

If applied during night, lemon juice can easily exfoliate the skin, removing the excess oil, dirt and other impurities in the clogged pores and thus reducing the acne swelling and pain.

Egg Whites

It goes without saying that egg whites has a lot of healing properties that can get rid of the acne in no time. Just make sure to remove it after 15 minutes of application as it has skin tightening properties that can lead to buggy patches on the skin if left unchecked.

Cilantro Juice

Cilantro (or coriander) juice has anti-aging and anti-wrinkling effect aside from getting rid of the pimple through drying up the contents inside the swollen pimple and healing it.

Tomato Mask

Tomatoes are great for healing not only acne but a multitude of skin problems as it has hydrating properties and the secret big gun that no pimple can survive the wrath of: antioxidants. Eliminating free radicals is just a piece of cake with those and your pimple will be healed in no time!

Aloe Vera

If you’re looking for a herbal remedy for the problem then aloe vera gel, with it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, is as good as it gets. Apply some on the skin and you’re good to go.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’re looking for the same antioxidants as tomatoes but also coupled with some antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties then look no further than apple cider vinegar! It will alleviate the pain, remove bacterial infection (if any) and also prevent signs of aging.

Tea Tree Oil

When diluted enough, tea tree oil can be miraculous for your forehead acne since it’s antibacterial properties combined with it’s action of drying out black/whiteheads can potentially remove it overnight.


If you cannot find any of the home remedies or foods in your home to heal acne on forehead, simply open up your fridge, remove a few ice cubes, make an ice pack and apply it on your acne. It will reduce the swelling, reduce pain and increase blood circulation on the area to heal the acne.


Top Non Comedogenic Moisturizers for 2021

As a regular shopper with no skin problems it might not matter to you, but not all moisturizers are made the same. There are ones made specifically for acne prone skin, while some being manufactured for a sensitive skin. These non comedogenic moisturizers as they are known are quite popular for moisturizing sensitive skin without any harmful side effects. Let’s take a look at some of these moisturizers then, shall we?

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

We have showcased products from CeraVe before, and have given them a very positive reputation. This one is no different as it can unclog pores, is lightweight and fragrance-free and is priced at just over $10. It’s useful against people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and acne scars.

St Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizers

The dermatologist-tested and approved St Ives skin moisturizer is actually suitable for all skin types and also has collagen and elastin proteins that regenerate the skin, relieving you of certain conditions such as acne scars and the like. It’s also quite inexpensive at just $7.99.

Bee Naturals Oil-Free Moisturizer

One of the worst nightmares is having a sensitive skin that’s also filled with a lot of oil and this thus susceptible to acne. In that case, the bee naturals oil-free moisturizer has you covered as it’s natural and paraben-free ingredients can easily get rid of that acne by removing excess oil from your skin and also reducing inflammation to some extent.

Alba Botanica Moisturizer

At a 100% natural ingredient list combined with cruelty-free and paraben-free certification, we are already assured that alba botanica moisturizer, at it’s very least, won’t do any damage to your skin. It also has a light texture with salicylic acid which makes it great for dealing with acne breakouts on sensitive skin.

La Roche Posay Moisturizer

Among the list of any moisturizers and not just non comedogenic moisturizers, La Roche Posay has always managed to have a product that has gained our trust. This is simply due to the fact that it has a lot of positive customer reviews and it’s formulation consists of dermatologist-recommended preservative-free, paraben-free and cruelty free ingredients. What more can one ask for?