Furniture with a Minimalist Chic and Functional Style


Lifestyles that are increasingly prioritizing the preservation of the environment and the earth have also influenced the art style of space decoration. Various furniture are designed using environmentally friendly materials, to give a touch of nature to the room decor. When in the right hands, rattan wood for example, can be transformed into stylish furniture that enlivens the atmosphere of the room. AlvinT, one of the capital’s design houses, has succeeded in proving this through its design for the hiCraft Rattan Vivere collection.

Alvin Tjitrowirjo, the designer, creates stylish rattan furniture. The hiCraft Rattan collection includes a set of living room furniture titled Sadha, consisting of a lounge chair and sofa, a coffee table titled Cita, a sun lounger and a side table.

Rattan has become the main material for AlvinT’s furniture. For this collection, he puts forward a contemporary design that highlights rattan with a more artistic design orientation. The design is a combination of a sleek silhouette with classic proportions, and contemporary details. Bar stool vintage creates a design that is both visually and functionally attractive. The entire collection is made of natural rattan pillars, wicker mats, solid teak and metal frames, while marble details add a touch of luxury to this collection.

Again, even organic materials such as rattan can turn into elegant ones in the right hands. The presence of rattan in the room brings in natural elements in the midst of modern domestic lifestyles that sometimes move away from natural sources like this. And it must be admitted, the natural elements in the residence can calm the occupants.

Obsession on a woman’s face, the beginning of the creation of Fornasetti’s decor aesthetic

Born from the name of the founder PieroFornasetti (10 November 1913 – 9 October 1988) who is an artist, sculptor, interior decorator from Italy, this brand has become global. The maestro, PieroFornasetti lived most of his life in Milan, and briefly studied at the Brera Academy of Arts from 1930. During World War II, he went into exile in Switzerland from 1943. During his exile, he created more than 11,000 works.

During that time, he fell in love with the face of a female opera singer with a soprano voice named LinaCavalieri, and decided to paint it as a major artistic element and as a motif in every design. And yes, the woman’s face has now become Fornasetti’s signature design from year to year. Died on October 9, 1988, PieroFornasetti gave all the assets of his design house to his son BarnabaFornasetti, who continues to produce beautiful works in his name.

The design characters that characterize Fornasetti in his work, apart from LinaCavalieri’s face, are drawn in various styles, including the use of black and white, the patterns of the sun, moon, stars and time (classic clock), not to forget the various motifs of playing cards, animals and Surrealistic images are often seen in various decoration designs. His style is reminiscent of classic Greek and Roman aesthetics, in a mix of monochrome colors, earth tones and a little surprise from some contrasting colors such as red and deep blue. Now, various Fornasetti designs can be found in various forms of fashion and room accessories. Among them, scarves, ties, lamps, home decor furniture such as flower vases, plates and glasses.

Fornasetti, judging from his work, gives a classic impression, of course, but with the addition of a stylish pattern or decorative attribute it also gives a modern feel that is not outdated. His works were dim, but there seems to be a new interest in visiting and re-collecting his works. One more thing that is unique, the feed design from the official Instagram account and the Fornasetti website, is beautifully arranged.

On Instagram, the eyes are treated to a neat arrangement of design motif images which are actually a design reference for their products. While on the website, we will be entertained by interactive patterns – including sound effects, which plunge us into the realm of Fornasetti’s signature art.