Effects of the Coronavirus in Humans

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The effects of the coronavirus are still unknown. But one thing is certain.

Researchers have not stopped probing the virus, hoping to come up with the answers they seek to be able to explain its evolution and spreading and perhaps ultimately its effects on human beings. Coronavirus cleaner Now that the number of cases of infection has reached more than 200 countries, the effects of the coronavirus may become clearer.

There are two types of symptoms caused by the virus: the first is shortness of breath and the other is nausea. With respiratory symptoms, victims show their presence by experiencing shortness of breath. This is why the virus has been called the respiratory disease killer.

There are serious complications associated with the respiratory disease. Aside from the respiratory symptoms, patients suffering from this respiratory illness tend to suffer from fever and skin rashes. Their condition worsens by the second day after being infected. These are the symptoms of the respiratory virus.

Although these respiratory problems are mild in comparison to the symptoms of the disease, some are still caused by the respiratory problems. The most common of the respiratory problems is pneumonia. Symptoms of this illness include chest pain, coughing and high fever.

This virus can also infect other parts of the body besides the respiratory system. When the virus attacks, it travels through the bloodstream and then to other parts of the body, including the brain, lungs and the heart. In doing so, it is possible that the virus may reach other parts of the body through the air currents.

Through testing, it has been determined that this virus may affect the immune system of the human body. A study conducted by the USNational Institutes of Health confirms that a number of elderly people have had the flu-like symptoms associated with the coronavirus. Another study conducted by the Canadian and Australian health agencies showed that people who have had contact with the virus have shown signs of having weakened immune systems.

The numbers of cases shows that despite the advancement of medical technology, a lot of people are still vulnerable to this virus. Until researchers can determine the exact effects of the virus, there will be no effective cure for it.