10 Recommended Mini Bar Refrigerators that are Cool and Durable


Unlike a single-door refrigerator or a two-door refrigerator, mini bar refrigerators usually do not come with a freezer or freezer section. Even if there are, they usually can’t load much. At most stuck only two standard size soda cans.

Functionally, the mini bar refrigerator remains the same as a single-door refrigerator or a two-door refrigerator in general. Namely to store various foodstuffs and drinks to keep them cold and fresh for a long time.

Various necessities that are suitable to be stored in a mini bar refrigerator include small fruits, leftovers that have been stored in closed containers, chocolate, milk, canned drinks, vegetables, and so on.

Meanwhile, for various fresh food ingredients such as fish, beef, or chicken meat, it is best not to put them in the mini bar refrigerator. Because the ideal temperature of a mini bar refrigerator is only 3°C to 6°C. Not suitable for storing meat.

Therefore, we present some recommendations for cold and durable mini bar refrigerators with prices and reviews. Pool table games However, before that, we will share knowledge about mini bar refrigerators and how to choose one.
Know the advantages of the mini bar refrigerator

Mini bar refrigerators have various advantages that make many people choose to use them. Both as a main refrigerator or just an additional refrigerator.

Before you buy a mini bar refrigerator, it never hurts to know the advantages that the food and beverage cooler has. The following is an explanation of the advantages of a mini bar refrigerator:

Easy to move

At one time, sometimes there is a feeling of wanting to change the atmosphere by changing the position of items in the room. With its not too big size, the mini bar fridge can be moved easily, even by one person.


Its compact size also makes the mini bar fridge easy to carry anywhere. Whether it’s to the home page or to travel.

Save space

For those of you who live in boarding houses, it is usually difficult to have your own refrigerator because of its large size. Therefore, most people who are boarding will use a mini bar refrigerator.

Its small and practical size will not take up much space. So that it is easier to place it anywhere without having to worry about being crowded with other items.

Saving money

The mini bar refrigerator has the same function as a normal refrigerator, which is to cool food and drinks so that they can be stored for a long time. For those of you who are boarding because of studying or working, of course you have to save more.

Well, this mini bar fridge allows you to store food and drink ingredients (besides ingredients that require a certain degree of freezing). That way, you don’t have to spend extra money to buy expensive food.

As a spare refrigerator

Not only those who are temporarily staying in a boarding house or hotel, there are also those who continue to use the mini bar fridge at home. Even though the house already has a one-door refrigerator and a two-door refrigerator.

Usually this mini bar fridge is a backup for them. The placement is not in the kitchen, but a room such as a room or workspace. The goal is to save personal needs so you don’t have to leave the room too often.

Energy saving

Like its mini size, the mini bar fridge doesn’t consume too much power. Because most mini bar refrigerators are now equipped with energy-saving features that don’t waste power.

Therefore, some temporary residences usually allow the use of a mini bar refrigerator.

Cheaper price

In terms of price, mini bar refrigerators are also cheaper than one-door or two-door refrigerators. This is because of the difference in the number of items that can be placed in these types of refrigerators.

Even so, it does not mean that the mini bar refrigerator is of lower quality than a standard refrigerator. There’s also a mini bar fridge which is so functional that it even costs more than a standard fridge.

Pay attention to the capacity

Mini bar refrigerators have different capacities. Some have a small capacity, around 40 liters – 50 liters, some have a large capacity of 60 liters – 100 liters. We recommend that you choose a mini bar refrigerator according to your needs.

If you already have a standard refrigerator, you should choose one with a capacity of no more than 50 liters. Meanwhile, if you want to make it your main refrigerator, choose one with a capacity of over 50 liters, or it could be more than 100 liters.

Make sure the size fits the space

Mini bar refrigerators are small in size, but you also have to pay attention to their placement. Don’t just place the mini bar fridge. You have to consider the distance to get the heat out.

We recommend that you leave a distance of at least 5 cm on each side. Don’t just stick it on the wall. That way, the heat can be dissipated properly and the refrigerator will stay cool.

Adjust to your budget

Today, you can find mini bar refrigerators from various brands. Both well-known brands and brands that are still foreign to your ears. They all offer different features and qualities.

The better the features and quality provided by the mini bar refrigerator manufacturer, the more expensive the price will be. Therefore, choose a mini bar refrigerator that has a price that fits your budget and doesn’t drain your wallet too much.


• Before buying a mini bar refrigerator, you should consider several important things such as capacity, the suitability of the size of the refrigerator with the available space and the budget you have.
• You can choose the Sharp SJ-50MB-XW, because it is made of tempered glass material which is sturdy, durable and long lasting.
• Meanwhile, for those of you who like to travel every weekend, you can choose the Hyundai Mini Car Refrigerator.
• However, for those of you who want an energy efficient mini bar fridge, then you can choose the Midea HS-65L.